Cliente de serviço móvel - Christy  


"Olá Shea  Obrigado por uma manicure e pedicure maravilhosa (serviço móvel). Você pode me enviar as informações de contato da pessoa que corta o cabelo em um serviço móvel."

Flirt & Flutter Client - Lizzy Martin


"I came in this afternoon with Ms. Meghan Gondron. You did our eyebrows and my eyelashes and I just had to email you to letcha know that I am still floored!

Girl! You (and your sister) have creativity spilling out of your ears! I absolutely dig the place and you have a talent in deed my friend :)

Needless to say, IM HOOKED! I will be in again soon to have my lashses filled in and am going to bring my sisters FOR SURE sometime this summer :) They are going to die"

Thanks again! I'll be coming to you, and only you, for years to come! Review - Roshunda P 


"Ok ladies.... this is a must see and a place that you have to visit. How many time have you seen a lash loft? Never for me but I just thought it was a great idea......  I just happened to be walking down the street to chow baby when I saw two birds in the window I was like what is this place.....

Once I was in the owner was sooooooo nice, she using all natural products, she has a range of services but what was great were her lashes I have never had lashes stay on so long.......

They cost around 40 bucks but they lasted for almost a month,  and they werent permanent so it was well worth the money....

I have become really close friends with her she is a lovely person to know and she really owns up to her product if its something you don't care for or need to change she has no problem with correcting it for you.

So what are you waiting for check her out today...."

Google Reviw - Nora ​


"I visited the location in Buckhead and was very impressed. Angela did my lashes and she was very knowledgeable about the extensions. I've worn lash extensions before so I was only changing lash stylist because my girl had relocated. But what is funny is that my lash stylist actually referred this place before she left. Need I say "I'm Extremely Happy" and my previous lash stylist left me in good hands